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Adair, Cherry Ice Cold
Albin, Gennifer Crewel  ~Audio
Albin, Gennifer Altered
Anastasiu,Heather Glitch
Anastasiu, Heather Override
Anastasiu, Heather Shutdown
Anderson, Jodi Lynn The Vanishing Season
Anderson,Laurie Halse Wintergirls 
Ashton, Brodi Everneath
Askew, Kim & Amy Helmes Tempestuous
Aronica, Lou Blue


Banks, Anna Of Poseidon
Banks, Anna Of Triton ~Of Poseidon #2
Bardugo, Leigh Siege & Storm
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn Every Other Day
Battah, Suzan Basatai: Outside In
Benson, Angela Delilah's Daughters
Bickle, Laura The Outside
Bjorkman, Lauren Miss Fortune Cookie
Bjorkman, Lauren My Invented Life
Black, Holly The Cruel Prince
Blade, Veronica  My Wolf's Bane
Blake, Kendare Anna Dressed in Blood
Blake, Kendare Anitgoddess
Blake, Kendare Girl of Nightmares ~Audio 
Bracken, Beth & Kay Fraser Wish
Brae, Christine The Light in the Wound
Brian, Kate Shadowlands
Brothers, Marilee  Midnight Moon
Brown, Anne Greenwood Lies Beneath
Brown, Anne Greenwood Deep Betrayal
Brown, Jennifer Torn Away


Cabot, Meg Insatiable
Cain, Chelsea Let Me Go  ~Audio
Caine, Rachel & Ann Aguirre  Honor Among Thieves
Canosa, Jamie Sink or Swim
Carriger, Gail Etiquette & Espionage
Carriger, Gail Curtsies & Conspiracies 
Carson, Rae Girl of Fire and Thorns ~Fire & Thorns  #1
Carson, Rae Crown of Embers ~Fire & Thorns  #2
Carson, Rae  The Bitter Kingdom ~Fire & Thorns  #3
Carter, Aimee The Goddess Test
Carter, Aimee The Goddess Interrupted
Carter, Aimee The Goddess Legacy
Carter, Aimee The Goddess Inheritance
Carter Aimee Pawn
Cates,Georgia Blood Jewel
Cates, Georgia Going Under
Cates, Georgia Shallow 
Chance, Karen Hunt the Moon  
Chance, Karen Tempt the Stars
Charbonneau, Joelle The Testing
Charbonneau, Joelle Independent Study
Chen, Justina Return to Me
Chima, Cinda Williams The Gray Wolf Throne
Clarke, Cassandra Rose The Assassin's Curse
Clarke, Cassandra Rose  The Pirates Wish
Clayton, Dhoniell  The Belles
Clements, Andrew About Average (Audio)
Cole, Kresley Poison Princess
Colyer, Cherie Embrace
Cooner, Donna Skinny
Crane, Julie Coexist: Keegan's Chronicles
Cremer, Andrea Rift
Cross, Sarah Kill Me Softly
Cross, Sarah  Tear You Apart
Crossan, Sarah Breathe
Cummings, John Michael Ugly to Start With 
Cummings, Lindsay The Murder Complex
Cummings, Sean Poltergeeks
Curran, Kim Shift


Darnell, Melissa Crave 
Darnell, Melissa Covet 
Davis, Tanita S. Mare's War
Deagan, Rachel Caged Moon
De La Cruz, Melissa The Ring & The Crown
Dennard, Susan Sightwitch
Derek the Ghost Scary School
Derek the Ghost Scary School #3: The Northern Frights
Destefano, Lauren Perfect Ruin
DeStefano, Lauren Sever
Dittermore, Shannon Angel Eyes
Draper, Sharon Panic
Driza, Debra Mila 2.0
Driza, Debra Renegade ~Mila 2.0 #2
Due, Richard  The Moon Coin
Duffy, Shannon Spectral


Edwards, Janet Earth Girl
Edwards, Janet  Earth Flight
Efaw, Amy After 
Elkeles, Simone Wild Cards
Ellison, Kate Notes from Ghost Town
Ellison, Kate Avery Frost
Ely, Lyndsay Gunslinger Girl ~Audio
Ernshaw, Shea The Wicked Deep
Eshbaugh, Julie  Obsidian and Stars


Farmer, Nancy The Lord of Opium
Fenge, C.J. The Salamander Stone
Fitzharris, Tonya 6 Seconds of Life 
Fitzpatrick, Becca Silence  ~Audio
Fitzpatrick, Becca Finale  ~Audio
Ford, Emily 2:32 AM
Freeman, Rashad Creature Kid


Gagnon, Michelle Strangelets ~Audio
Garcia, Kami Unbreakable
Garcia, R. The Sun Zebra
Garr, Amber Promises 
Garriques, Kia Innovera Yakov: The Journey of A Thousand Eyes
Gavin, Andrew The Darkening Dream
Gold, Maya Spellbinding
Graham, Genevieve Somewhere to Dream
Graham, Genevieve Tides of Honor ~Audio
Graham, Joshua Terminus
Gray, Amanda Endless 
Gray,Claudia Evernight 
Gray, Claudia Spellcaster
Gregory, Philippa Stormbringers ~Audio
Guerra, Stephanie Torn
Gurtler,Janet If I Tell  





Lazear, Suzanne Charmed Vengeance ~The Aether Chronicles #2
Lebbon, Tim London Eye  ~Toxic City #1
Lu, Marie Prodigy ~Legend #2
Lu, Marie Champion ~Legend #3

Maas, Sarah J. Crown of Midnight  ~Throne of Glass #2
Maas, Sarah J  Heir of Fire ~ Throne of Glass #3
Mafi, Tahereh Unravel Me ~Shatter Me #2
May, W.J. Rae of Hope ~The Chronicles of Kerrigan #1
May, W.J. Dark Nebula ~The Chronicles of Kerrigan #2





Richards, Elizabeth Phoenix  ~Black City #2
Richards, Elizabeth Wings  ~Black City #3

Shirvington, Jessica Embrace  ~Violet Eden Chapters #1
Shirvington, Jessica Entice ~Violet Eden Chapters #2
Shirvington, Jessica Emblaze ~Violet Eden Chapters #3
Shirvington, Jessica Endless  ~Violet Eden Chapters #4
Showalter, Gena Through the Zombie Glass ~White Rabbit Chronicles #2








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