Friday, December 4, 2009

Tiger Thompson

In our directed study looking through some of the newspaper articles and pictures found things that intrigued me. For example, the Little Tiger Thompson article is the one I remember the most. He was 8- years-old and the youngest disc jockey.He worked at WEDR and had his own radio show, making 10 dollars a week, I believe. In the article it talks about how at the age of three he was spinning records, and he was able to work the controls and put together his own program. Little Tiger's show was apparently very popular with children and adults as he received countless letters every week. I find Tiger Thompson impressive as at very young age, he was able to speak and articulate in a way that reached a broad audience.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last Day

Today was our last day at the Birmingham Black Radio Museum, we accomplished so much this semester. We learned to how to organize a collection, create a mission statement and collection development policy, and prepare materials for preservation. We also created metadata and finding aids to locate items in the collection. We had our final meeting with Bob to give him details on what we did and give him a few suggestions of what needs to happen next.This semester went by so fast, and I feel like we just started the project, as we really began to get into a rhythm towards the end. We struggled in the beginning as we tried to organize the collection by radio station, because that's what Bob wanted. However, finally we felt it was better to arrange everything by year and later finding aids could be created to catalog by radio station, or person. I'm really satisfied with what we were able to get done, some days were good days, and some not so productive.I will miss all the people we meet while working there.
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