Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Before I made the decision to go to library school, I was working two jobs just to make it. I was a full time Library Associate at a public library and a part time night supervisor at an academic library. I was making good money, but I was unhappy having to work so much just make ends meet and to top it off there was no room to grow in either position. So, I had a huge choice to make stay in my current state or change my status. Of course I chose school as I wanted to put myself in a better position to move further in my life. There are times when I question myself about my recent choices as I live at home with my grandparents, well grandparent since my Nana passed a couple months ago. I have many bills to pay and am working part-time temporarily, which is not enough to do much. I have wonderful friends and family that help with food sometimes but mostly I just make it day by day.It's tough, and you learn how strong you really are in times like these. I am trying to remain faithful and trust that things will be fine, however the majority of the jobs that I see on the job boards are academic positions and they take forever to go through the application process and for someone in my situation I need a job now before I have to start back paying loans. I am now back where I started in 2004 when I got my Bachelors (just more qualified or too qualified for some jobs) and it took me six months to get a job, well actually two jobs. I sit here thinking about what happens next and my future as a Librarian somewhere.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's been awhile, but I'm still here

Since graduation in May I have been working part-time temporarily at my old job. In that time I have read about 20 or more books, I know greedy for books. I must say that school kept me pretty busy and away from the pleasures of reading, but so many books and I have nothing but time now. The job hunt is going slowly as I had to make sure my resume was professional and all, which took forever as I dragged my butt doing it. It was more so that I was so burned out on the experience of it all and I also lost someone I loved a month before graduation, my grandma. Needless to say many emotions and exhaustion all came crashing down on me at once. Yet, I'm still here not a hopeless librarian, WOW! I'm a librarian, but one with big dreams.
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