Sunday, October 31, 2010

Out of my Element

Today was my third day as a Reference Librarian and I feel so dumb. I had a patron ask for books on horse slaughtering, and I do not believe I was successful in answering her question. I know I'm still learning and performing reference interviews will become better for me. In class, I remember we had to conduct a reference interview from the patrons standpoint, however being on the other side is whole different ball game. Though I feel completely stupid at this moment, I know library school provided me with the tools to do this. My task now is how figure a way that works for me. On a happier note, I get my own section to order for and its the arts section(760-799), though I do wish I had taken a collection development class but my inexperience could help or hurt me.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Officially a Professional Librarian!

This past Wednesday, I became a Reference Librarian at my local library in Tuscaloosa. It is only part time, so I still have my night job at the University. I never thought about being a Reference Librarian, I focused more on archives, museums, and youth services. I did do well in my reference class, though. I know I can do this, just still wrapping my mind around the idea. At the moment, nothing extremely hard has come up and I've been able to help people find material. I have a feeling that everybody is going to train me, so soon all the things I need to know will be filtered, and filed properly into my fuzzy head. Who knows I may come to love reference work.
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