Saturday, June 20, 2009

What type of librarian should I be?

A couple weeks ago I took a quiz on Facebook called " What type of librarian are you" and my results were a youth librarian. I thought this was interesting because since I worked in a public library I got turned on to Twilight and Harry Potter. Since then I have become to love this type of literature. Yet, I'm not sure I want to work with the public again, it a joy and a pain. Some people are very polite and friendly some are just down right mean. I also love arts and crafts, basically anything creative. So, I took the quiz again to see what it would say again, and the result was a law librarian. That is a definite, NO. A music library or a museum library would be cool. At this point in my degree program, there is still time to grow and figure it out, one can only hope. I hope my future is filled doing something that makes me happy and that I'm good at, but right that is unknown to me.

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