Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm going to library school....What do you think about that?

I find peoples' responses to me going to library school hilariously entertaining, and bit offensive. When they ask what I’m going to school to be, and I say librarian. Not only are the facial expressions funny but some comments are "Oh you must really like to read books!" or "You must like to check out stuff?" Others look puzzled and ask well "What can you do with a Masters in Library Science?" or "You can get a degree to become a Librarian?" There are those that make the assumption that public libraries are the only types of libraries. Well there are many things one can do with a library degree besides work within a public library such as cataloging, publishing, working for book vendors,school media centers, library technical specialists, museums and government libraries, and so many places you wouldn't think needed or had a library. So when someone says they are library school don’t assume they just like checking out books and reading.

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