Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loss of time and Social Networking

I find that when on my computer or the internet my sense of time is different. One second it is 9 o"clock at night then the next the sun is shining. I feel like I'm so absorbed in what I'm doing that time just seems to stand still for me, but keeps moving for the rest of the world. What am I doing, social networking. I like social networks but I find that they waste time, especially when I realize I've spent 6 hours doing absolutely nothing. Looking at what other people are doing or playing games and taking silly little quizzes. At other times talking to high school friends, I don't even remember or avoiding some random stranger. Oh,the joy of social networks, such a wonderful tool for those of us who are already antisocial. In my opinion they are good to reconnect or locate lost friends, of course if the websites are free. I'm not that desperate to pay to find someone.

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