Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm going to library school ....What do you think about that? pt.2

The most interesting responses come from librarians when I discuss with them my decision to come to library school. When I told one librarian who at the time was a co-worker of mine my intentions to go to library school, they were like " Why? You don't want to do that, look at me" or as another just flat out stated "You don't look like a librarian" Now in my head as sit and think about this now, what exactly does a librarian look like? I mean, I'm no read the sign says BE QUIET bun wearing librarian stereotype of old. However, I am capable of a stern look every now and then. This person did reason that I am more of the creative type because they knew my interests are photography and writing, but what is a librarian if he/she is not a bit creative. Times have changed and so has the look of the new generation of librarians.

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