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Fractured Light Blog Tour: Giveaway, Guest Post and Interview with Author Rachel McClellan

Character Interview with Llona & Christian from Fractured Light
LM: Llona, how do you feel about having to constantly be on the run? Did you think it would never end? 
**Laughs** That’s exactly how I felt. Constantly looking over your shoulder really sucks. And it got bad there for awhile. I remember in Wisconsin there was a guidance counselor who really took an interest in me and was asking all kinds of questions. I moved within a week. Looking back and knowing what I know now, I can see I was just paranoid. 
LM:  Llona, that’s a pretty name...what is its meaning?
It means “Light”. But so do a bunch of other names like Elena or Claire.  For a long time I wished my parents would’ve given me a more normal-sounding name, but ever since Christian started saying it, I’ve grown to like it. 
LM: Llona, when you first laid eyes on Christian, what went through your mind?
First, shock that someone was touching me, especially a male, but then I saw his eyes. It wasn’t a love-at-first-sight sort of thing, but more of a “knowing”. Does that make sense? It’s like when you find that perfect pair of jeans. You just know. 
LM: Llona, you and May have an interesting friendship, why do you think it works well for you both?
I love May. She’s as close as what I’d imagine a sister would be. And I don’t think it’s just our secret that bonds us. We have a lot in common. Like movies, our favourites being The Count of Monte Cristo and Step Brothers. We also like tennis and basketball. But the best part of May is her sense of adventure. She doesn’t shy away from change, which I love, because it makes me want to be better.
LM:  Christian, you are stretching yourself thin trying to protect Llona, why are you trying so hard to protect her? Are you afraid you will fail?
(Squirms in his seat) If I fail then Llona’s dead, so yes, I am afraid. I tried hard not to get emotionally attached, but Llona is so different from other Auras and even other girls. There’s a strength inside her that’s going to change our whole institution and I’m honoured to be by her side. 
LM: Llona, what does it feel like being an Aura? Controlling light?
At first it was extremely difficult, especially with the moon’s cycle messing with my abilities. I think that’s one of the reasons why I shied away from others. I was such a spaz half of the time. But once I learned how to control it and turn it into something I could use to protect me, I embraced it. One of these days I’ll make a bumper sticker that says, “Light Rules”.
LM: Christian, what do you feel about Llona not being taught about Auran abilities?
It’s definitely hurt her, knowing the basics and such, but she’s also more advanced than other Auras. They don’t know what Light can really do. My only hope is someone at Lucent will see and start adopting what she’s doing. It will make a huge difference on their survival. 
LM: Christian & Llona, describe each other in three words.
Christian: Three words to describe Llona are unique, courageous, and selfless.
Llona: Christian can be best summed up as loyal, kind, and determined.
LM: Your lives have changed drastically since your journey began, what do you hope for the future?
Christian: I hope Llona enjoys Lucent Academy. Something tells me she’s in for a huge shock, though. I also know something not even Llona knows yet. Is she near you right now? Good. I’ll tell you just don’t say anything to her. (Takes a deep breath.) I just received a call from Llona’s aunt. You know the one who sits on the Auran Council? Anyway, they want me at Lucent Academy, and even those it’s for some kind of disciplinary court thing, I can’t wait to surprise Llona! 
Llona: (sighs) The future scares me right now. Even though I learned to control Light and even killed a Vyken, something’s changed. Christian’s not with you, is he? Good. (Looks around) Something’s inside me, like a new strength, but it’s dark and not…right. In a way I’m glad me and Christian have some time a part. I’m afraid he’ll see this new side of me and, well, not like me anymore. 

Music that helped create Fractured Light
I love music, and I can’t write without it. It inspires me and helps me create strong scenes. I hope that through my stories, just like music, people will feel something, whether that’s happiness, sadness, anger or fear. There are several bands who helped create Fractured Light.
Llona’s presence and voice was the strongest when I listened to Sick Puppies and Secondhand Serenade, specifically the songs Fall for You, Suppose, All the Same, and Pretend.
When Llona would free-run through the streets or forest, I’d listen to My Chemical Romance, House of Wolves or Chiodos, Two Birds Stoned.
My action/fight scenes were always written to James Dooley or Epic Score. Powerful music and I highly recommend it to all writers.
Llona’s and Christians song was Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
Other bands I listened to for various scenes were 10 Years, songs Dying Young and So Long, Goodbye. The band Red, songs Pieces and Let Go.
In the sequel to Fractured Light, Fractured Soul, the music turns darker because the subject matter is darker—Llona having to deal with the Vyken poison inside her. The bands Hurt, Red, and Chevelle have helped with this. Did I mention I love music?

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