Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review:The Beautiful Code by Sadie Hayes

Title: The Beautiful Code
Author: Sadie Hayes
Series: The Start-Up #3
Publication:October 22, 2011
Publisher:Backlit Fiction
Genre: Contemporary
Pages : 94
Source: Author
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Set against the fast-paced, winner-take-all world of Silicon Valley, where today’s software geek is tomorrow’s billionaire, The Start-Up chronicles the meteoric rise of Adam and Amelia Dory, a talented brother and sister team. With only each other to rely on, the naïve eighteen-year-olds must make their way through a treacherous world of money, power, and envy.

This suspenseful and exciting episode is the third installment in an ongoing serial story.

Review: Addictive! They seriously are like little soap opera episodes that give you just enough to hook you until the next one, and Hayes has done it yet again. The plot is set around a convention, where Amelia and her crew are prepping for a presentation of Doreye to the media and such. However, they don't expect the project to be sabotaged nor the negative questions about their past, which threaten to overshadow the success of the product. Adam still hasn't discovered the secret that his girlfriend Lisa is keeping from him, which his sister knows and when he finds out I'm curious how he will react to that fact. Patty, the former roommate of Amelia is still struggling with her attraction to Chad, the soon to be husband of her sister. Try as she might to be good and respectful to her sister, this bad boy is making things extremely difficult. Though, these books are short, the author has the ability to cover lots of information without losing the effectiveness of the story. I like the different perspectives from each character and I don't find it distracting or hard to follow. Overall, this is a quick read and the writing and characters are great. I recommend this story of love, friendship, deception and truth to anyone looking for something intriguing and fun.


  1. Oh yeah! I remember this series now. I may have to borrow them one weekend and just sit on the couch and devour them. They sound really entertaining. I'll let T read them first if she wants to.

  2. I love watching soap operas. I'm definitely going to read this because I'm fascinated when an author manages to give much information in such a small amount of pages.

  3. Looks great! I love soap operas. :)


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