Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Guest Post with Author Alicia Brewster

Like many writers, I sometimes daydream about my books being made into movies or television shows. Just for fun, here are the actors who’d be in my dream cast for Don’t Call Me Angel. I’m including a brief bio for each character.

Movie Cast for DON’T CALL ME ANGEL
SIX: Megalyn Echikunwoke
Six is a fallen angel who has just escaped from Hell. She plans to kick back on Earth and enjoy…well, not being in Hell. Unfortunately, an old pal throws a kink into her plans when he starts destroying human souls. She may not be so fond of humans, but that’s not exactly what she had in mind for her post-Hell vacation.  
ALDEN: Christian Bale
To return a blood debt, Six helped Alden escaped from Hell with her. During their time down below, they exchanged many favors and debts, and Six has come to rely on him as her sole friend and ally.

CARA: Emma Stone
Cara shows Six a great kindness in a time of need. Cara has her own troubled past, but she opens her home to Six and helps her start a new life on Earth.  
LUKE: Jason Lewis
Luke has a special interest in Six, and…Well, that’s really all I can say. You’ll just have to read the book to find out more!
I don't really have a part for him. But if I'm going to make a movie with my dream cast,Will is goingto be in it. I mean, did you see the shower scene at the beginning of iRobot? That was some tremendous acting there.

About the Book

After crawling her way out of Hell, Six is ready to cast aside her angel wings and all the responsibilities that come with them. But Earth is not as peaceful as she imagined it. Demons, dark angels, and other hell-beasties escaped before her, and they're not as content as she is to live a quiet life on Earth.
A fellow angel who escaped Hell with her commits a series of soul-murders, destroying human souls so they can't go to the afterlife. Although Six has conflicting feelings about humans, she goes after the other angel to keep their escape a secret from the one she fears most.


  1. That's so awesome!! Thanks you so much for showing this post!

  2. I'd watch that movie if that was the cast. Nice one, Alicia. :)

  3. Thanks, Kiru. :)

    And thank you for hosting me, Library Muse!

  4. An all-star cast! Love your picks! The cover of the book looks amazing : ) ~ Jess

  5. You're welcome Alicia! I love the photos, too

  6. I would watch the movie too! A great and beautiful cast of actors and actresses. The book sounds intriguing as well!

  7. Oooh, your choice of Christian Bale is perfect! But not muscley-Christian-Bale. No, Christian Bale when he's borderline anorexic-looking. He's still gorgeous, IMO, but he looks SO tortured when he's thin. In fact, there is a good chance that Christian Bale DID, in fact, escape from hell. :)

    Love your other choices as well. And Will Smith? *shrug* It doesn't get much better than that, does it?

    Gorgeous blog, btw, Library Muse. It's absolutely gorgeous.


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