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Interview&Review: Going Under by Georgia Cates

Author:Georgia Cates
Title:Going Under
Publication: March 10,2012
Genre: YA
Source: Author/Blog Tour
Rating: 5 out 5
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Jessie Boone is a self proclaimed bad boy and doesn’t march to the beat of anyone’s drum, but his own. Growing up in less than desirable circumstances has made him no stranger to the hard knock life and his determination to leave it behind is fierce. When he finds himself transferred to East Franklin High School, he sees his opportunity to use his athletic ability to snag a college football scholarship, but Forbes Henderson, the player Jessie means to replace isn’t giving up his spot willingly. In fact, Forbes is willing to go to extreme measures to retain his place as first string quarterback. When Forbes’ malicious plan to injure his replacement fails, Jessie is furious and determined to show him he messed with the wrong person; not only is he going to take the position of first string quarterback, he’s going to take his girl, too.
Claire Deveraux is perfection at it’s best. She is beautiful, intelligent and unaware she just became Jessie Boone’s conquest as revenge against her boyfriend, Forbes Henderson. Like her flawless performance as the perfect daughter and student, Claire’s production of being the perfect girlfriend has everyone fooled, except Jessie Boone, and she fears this tattooed bad boy will see her secret desire to explore his crude threats and promises to rock her perfect world. If she decides to give in to one uninhibited moment with Jessie, will she learn too late that it was all an act of vengeance or will Jessie learn the taste of first love is sweeter than that of revenge? 

Review: Love, Love, Love!!! That pretty much sums it up. The characters Jessie and Claire are swoon worthy, because it is so easy to fall for them. I couldn't help but get caught up in the emotion of this book, and it was like the feelings transferred from the page. This story is so beautifully written and realistic. It a good representation of how circumstances don't define who you are. Jessie is seen as trouble and no good for Claire, but this bad boy is super smart, and has heart. Claire is seen as the good girl, who does what is expected of her but she is more than that. Though they both are from opposite spectrum's of the social hierarchy, the chemistry between them ignites and what starts as a game of who can tempt who first becomes much more than they expected. There is a part towards the end that made my heart literally fall to the floor, and I thought there is no way it can end like that. Cates' writing style draws you in so well that you feel as if you are apart of this world. Absolutely fantastic read!

About the Author:
In addition to being an author Georgia is a wife, mother of two daughters and a labor and delivery nurse. 
She recently added Paranormal Romance Writer to her list of things that keep her busy, but she is ecstatic to release her debut novel, Blood of Anteros, the first book in The Vampire Agápe Series. 
Like others that enjoy a great story of paranormal romance, she is easily bored by the tale of an obtainable, ordinary romance and was inspired to create The Vampire Agápe Series. When not tied up with family or delivering babies, she is working feverishly on the second book in The Vampire Agápe Series.
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Interview with Georgia Cates 

What is it about young love?
Young love is fun, exciting and it’s potential is endless. It leaves you giddy with dreams of what it could become. You only get that first kiss with a person one time and reading about others’ first kisses helps rekindle those feelings a reader may never experience again if he or she is in a monogamous relationship. As we grow older, we become wiser but there’s something beautiful about jumping head first into a relationship without all of the life experiences an older adult has. 
What is the best part about being published?
Validation. When you are published, you’re aren’t on the porch anymore. You’re running with the big dogs. I love hearing what readers think of my writing-both good and bad. Reading a great review is encouraging and makes me want to work harder at putting the next book out there. 
Who is your favorite author and what about their work draws you in?
My current favo is Shelly Crane and her creativity is what draws me in. Every book I read amazes me. She has God Given talent. Her characters are so lovable and each one of her books leaves me wanting the next in the series immediately.
Was it difficult determining how to bring the characters to the page?
I always do a character profile prior to writing. I determine the things occurring in a character’s life and each event molds him or her into who they become on the pages. I always feel very connected with my characters, so it isn’t difficult for them to come to life. If I’m not connected with them, I change them until we are connected.
Tell us something fun about you?
I’m a huge music head and I love to stalk musicians after concerts. I find their tour buses and wait for them so I can get autographs and pictures. I’m always shocked at how easy it is.
What is your favorite song of all time? Why?
I don’t think you could have asked me a more difficult question. I love music and my favorites change often because I use them for inspiration when I write. I looked at my iTunes library to see which song had the most number of times played because I didn’t want to hurt my brain trying to decide. It was “Let It Go” by Fauxliage. Awesome, awesome song!
What about Going Under makes it stand out?
Initially, it is going to be the cover. I designed it myself and I can’t think of a cover even similar to Going Under’s cover art. 
I obviously didn’t create the bad boy and good girl falling in love plot, but it is told in a unique manner. The point of views rotate, which is nice because you see the views from both of the main characters, Jessie and Claire. There is humor and I don’t think you get that in many YA romances. The readers’ heartstrings are tugged because Jessie’s circumstances are pitiful and you can’t help yourself from pulling for him as the underdog from the very beginning. It’s packed with romance and sensuality, not meaningless sex. You won’t find the *F* bomb dropped in this book because it isn’t necessary to complete the story. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and I meant for it to be that way. I want my readers to experience a number of emotions and I think I delivered. 
When did you know writing was your passion?
I thought about it for years, but I didn’t become serious about it until about 3 years ago. I brainstormed for about 18 months, jotting ideas down as they came to me. Almost 2 years in, I decided I had to make myself sit down and commit to characters and plot if I was ever going to make a go with writing. I threw away a dozen drafts before I finally started rolling with my first book, Blood of Anteros, Book 1 in The Vampire Agápe Series. I published it in September of 2011 and I haven’t looked back. I’m only looking forward to the things ahead of me as a writer.
Choose only one. If you could choose between invisibility or the ability to fly, which would you choose?
Invisibility. There’s no debate between the two for me. Think of all the things you could accomplish by being invisible. The sneaky possibilites are endless.  
Are there any new projects in the works? 
I’m currently writing Blood Jewel, Book 2 in The Vampire Agápe Series. I hope to have it out some time in late May. It is the continuing saga of Curry and Chansey from Blood of Anteros.  
I’m kicking around the idea of writing a book about Payton Archer from Going Under. A lot of my readers of Going Under have contacted me and requested her story because she is so much fun. I love her and I’m considering it.
What is the one question that you wish interviewers would ask, and the answer to that question?
Where do I see my career going?
I’m beginning to see that there are no limits. I’m an Indie author and I don’t answer to an editor or a publisher. I have the ability to make my own decisions and I work when I want to. (I do answer to my readers and they seem to want me writing all of the time.) I’m good with that. 
I began writing in the paranormal genre, then tried my hand at non-paranormal teen romance. I have enjoyed both and I’m quite open to trying a different genre in the future. Simply put? I’m willing to go anywhere my writing leads me.  

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful review and for the great opportunity of being featured on your blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed Going Under. I thank you for your time and effort in reading it and writing a beautiful review. Keep up the great work you are doing here on your blog. :)

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  3. You're welcome and thanks, I will :)

  4. I'm really looking forward to reading this one. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your review.

  5. I love Georgia Cates and her Beauty Series so I want to read more of her books and Going Under sounds like it is going to be great. Thanks for the review but I loved the interview and it was neat hearing that one of her favorite authors is Shelly Crane because I love her work also.


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