Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Check out GoneReading!

A philanthropic enterprise founded in 2011, markets a line of products for readers and book lovers under the GoneReading brand name. The company donates 100% of after-tax profits to provide new funding for libraries around the world.

“Book lovers know what it’s like to have reading as part of their lives, to always have a book close at hand, to enjoy reading and its ability to broaden your mind,” says GoneReading founder Brad Wirz.  ”I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live in a world without books,” adds Wirz.

Wirz’s perspective changed, however, during a volunteer trip to Central America in 2010, where he worked with a group of Americans to help build a library in the middle of the Honduran jungle.  ”Hundreds of villages, thousands of people, had basically no access to books or reading materials at all.  That just blew my mind.  With a little introspection I knew I could find a way to help,” adds Wirz.

GoneReading is the lifestyle brand for readers.  If you want nothing more than to disappear for a while with your favorite read, then GoneReading is for you.  This persistent desire to “check out” or “escape” and read is the defining characteristic of the GoneReading brand.
Escape to the beach with your favorite Jane Austen volume; disappear to the corner coffee shop with your Kindle; tip-toe away and take a hot bath with your favorite magazines.

Escape, relax and read with GoneReading. We don’t sell the books; we sell the idea of reading.
Gone Reading International, LLC seeks to spread the magic of reading and books, through increased funding for libraries around the world.

Check out these great products and more! Visit GoneReading here!
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T-Shirt for Kids: Take Me To Your Reader

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  1. I love this website! Their items are so very creative. I have a giveaway currently for $15 item or less from Gone Reading. Check it out here


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