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Review & Giveaway: The Guardian's Wildchild Blog Tour

Author: Feather Stone
Title: The Guardian's Wildchild
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Publication: Sept. 26, 2011
Format: ebook
Source: Author
Rating: 5 out of 5
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Caught in a reckless attempt to stop Dark forces, Sidney Davenport, a young, rule breaking, spirited member of the secret paranormal community of Guardians, finds herself imprisoned on a naval ship and slated for execution. Her struggle with the unfamiliar emotions of fear and anger becomes even more complicated when she can no longer fight her attraction to the very man who has orders to perform her execution.

Captain Sam Waterhouse, a meticulous naval captain who’s suspected of treason, teeters on a precipice between Darkness and Light. When he receives an unusual prisoner, a paranormal journey begins to unravel his disciplined life. All the while, humanity is unknowingly at great risk when two Dark forces team up to acquire control of an elusive power. Sidney and Sam attempt to quiet their powerful feelings for each other, only to discover they can save each other, and in doing so, they might even save the world.

Through stunning imagery, an intricate and adventurous plot, and a strong cast of characters, Feather Stone gives readers a fascinating glimpse into the future—a future that is chilling, yet full of hope.

Review: This such a sweet story, Stone does a fantastic job of enrapturing the reader into the world of Sidney, Sam and the Guardians. This book is full of love, fire, spirit and heart. Sidney is a spunky, compassionate character that through her many other lives are changed. The best part of this book for me are the scenes with Sidney and Sam because she is not guided by rules, and he is a walking rule book, so she is the perfect challenge for him, and he for her. Sam has courage and there is an intriguing thing he does for Sidney towards the end, that you'll have to read to see what it is. The story line is very well written, and I couldn't put it down. The characters are well developed. Sidney will grab of hold of your heart, I absolutely loved her, she was such a strong character that was so easy to identify with, as was Sam. I think the big theme for this book was overcoming fear and anger in order to guide your decisions by working towards the "higher good"  to not allow darkness to smother the light. This is a great story about love, loss, sacrifice and spirit.

Cover Review: This is such a beautiful cover!

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  1. Thanks for the review. Sidney sounds a lot like me, as she is a rule breaker. I must read this as I'm wondering if there is a Love connection between Sidney and Sam. I love this cover. Thank you for the chance to win this book.

  2. The synopsis sounds interesting. I am looking forward to reading this book.

  3. this book sounds really good. i can't wait to read it : )

  4. This book sounds promising! Can't wait to read it!

  5. I love your review! It is short, sweet and seems to cover a little bit of everything! :) I can't wait to read this book! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  6. I enjoyed your review. The book sounds very good.

  7. Great review! I loved this book.


  8. Thanks for the post. I hadn't heard of this one before. It sounds like a good read. :)

  9. Thank you to Little Library Muse and everyone who posted a comment. I wish everyone love and luck - we all could use a bit of both all the time. If anyone has any questions, please contact me, the author of The Guardian's Wildchild, at my gmail :

    Thanks again to everyone who participated in this book blog tour. It's been a great experience - my first.

  10. What a beautiful cover! I am glad you introduced me to this book.

  11. Thanks for the giveaway and the great review! This sounds like a great book with probably a lot of action. I'd love to read it :)

  12. Love it, looking forward to read it

  13. I thought the cover looked nice from the thumbnail but when I looked closely, her eyes are red :/ Is it a glare of sunlight or something else?

    1. It looked like a glare to me, I'll have to look again

  14. like your review and I love that book cover^^

  15. This book looks amazing and that cover is gorgeous!

  16. The cover of the book is lovely. This looks like it would be a wonderful weekend afternoon read.

  17. This book sounds really good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Another awesome giveaway...Thanks a ton!!!

  19. Love the premise! This sounds like a very intriguing and captivating read.

    Sarah Bibi Setar


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