Thursday, February 23, 2012

Interview: My Fairytale Life Author Heather M. White

Interview with Author Heather White
LLM:What was your inspiration for this book?
HW:Well, the story idea kind of just popped in my head one day... Though it turned out completely different than what I thought... I was honestly thinking: what would happen if a vampire hunter fell in love with a vampire... The story idea grew from there.
LLM:Was it difficult deciding how to bring the characters to life?
HW:Well, Jadyn was pretty easy to write about. 17 year old girl, home schooled, withdrawn from the world... It is kind of fun to see her open up, and grow a little as the story develops. I'm excited to see how she grows in book 2... My characters have a mind of their own, and they all turned out a LOT different than I thought & planned.
LLM:Are there any similarities between you and your characters?
HW:Well, like Jadyn, I was home schooled my whole life. It has been a HUGE adjustment for me - coming to the real world. I didn't really ever have friends MY age growing up. I relate to her in so many ways... I'm also stubborn ;) ... Also, I name some of my characters after people I really know... Tabatha is one my my awesome friends (very non-evil), and Erica is named after my 6 year old cousin.
LLM:Is there a specific message in your book that you hope readers will understand?
HW:#1 - just because you're a girl doesn't mean that you can't kick butt #2 - it's OK to ask for help - sometimes you can't do it alone
LLM:When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
HW:ALWAYS! Literally, about the 2nd grade... That's when I decided I would write my first book. Since then I've wrote over 200+ songs, I've wrote a musical, and so many short stories. I COMPLETED my first novel at the age of 14. I've always loved to write.
LLM:What is it about vampires that is so appealing?
HW:Eternal beauty, staying young forever... Who doesn't think about that? The decision of being good or bad, no consequences. I mean, really, if vampires were real, WHAT would they think? Would they be bitter about never growing old? Or would they be excited about each and everyday? Could they come out in the sun? But, since they are just a myth, it's fun to write about them. I love the vampire world I created... And that's the great thing... Vampires can either sparkle, or burn, eat human blood, or animal blood... It's all just fascinating to me!
LLM:What's the best advice you've ever received?
HW:Just do it. Don't let anybody hold you back from your dreams. Only you can make it happen. - this has applied to me not only with writing, but life in general... My book didn't write itself... I wrote it... I learned to play guitar - not over night! And, guess what, after 10 years of playing - I'm STILL learning new things... A magical genie isn't going to appear... So go out there, and make your dreams come true!
LLM:What do you like to do in your spare time?
HW:When I'm not writing I am usually: watching Vampire Diaries, Supernatural or True Blood; Tweeting (I have a problem); hanging out with my amazing husband; reading, because I LOVE to read; or just hanging out with friends/ family.
LLM:The day in the life of a writer, what's that like?
HW:Well, Monday- Friday... I wake up at 5am and write until 5pm... (I procrastinate some during that time, hehe). I usually have a ton of emails/ tweets to answer, I like to do that first thing... And on the weekends, I write when I feel motivated... Even on the weekends I get about 2k words done.
LLM:What is a question that you wish interviewers would ask, and the answer to that question?
HW:(me talking to myself) If you weren't a writer what would you be? (me answering myself) I would be a rock star. ;) I dream big... But, seriously, I would be... Me on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. Me playing my guitar (or bass, or drums - yes I play them all), and of course, singing my heart out... I would still be a writer, because I'd write my own songs.
LLM:Choose only one. If you could choose between invisibility or the ability to fly, which would you choose?
HW:Invisibility - because I'm scared of heights... I would never fly lol... Plus, I can think of plenty of times when I have wanted to disappear!

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