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Review: Six Weeks to Yehidah & My Yehidah Blog Tour Part 1

Author: Melissa Studdard
Title: Six Weeks to Yehidah
Publisher: All Things That Matter Press
Publication: August 2, 2011
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Blog Tour
Move over, C.S. Lewis; Melissa Studdard is here! Annalise of the Verdant Hills is one of the most delightful protagonists to skip through the pages of literature since Dorothy landed in Oz. Join Annalise and her two walking, talking wondersheep as they travel to ever more outlandish places and meet outrageous and enlightening folk on their journey to discover interconnectedness in a seemingly disconnected world. Discover with them how just one person can be the start of the change we all strive for. A book for all ages, for all time: wonderful, wacky, and bursting with truth!

Review: Annalise is such a witty, imaginative and creative character. It was such an experience seeing the world through the eyes of a child. I admit it took me a moment to truly feel what the book was about but once I did, boy did I have clarity. This story makes you think about yourself and really evaluate who you are or better yet who you think you are. How many times do you find yourself hindering your own greatness. The story is meaningful and easy to relate to. Hagski, the crazy lady that shows up every time Annalise is about to do something, was pretty funny and when I found out what she represents, I had an Oh! moment. The narrative and plot flowed fairly well. The setting was believable and easy to visualize as Annalise went throughout her journey with her two walking and talking sheep, Mabel and Mimi. Overall, this is a very encouraging and intriguing for any age. Take a chance and read this work, filtering out any negative or distracting thoughts and really assess the message. Close out all the chaos and listen to the sound within.

Author: Melissa Studdard
Illustrator: Cheryl Kelley
Title: My Yehidah: A Journey into the Story of You
Publisher: All Things That Matter Press
Publication: November 30, 2011
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Blog Tour
Length: 60 pp.
Bursting at the seams with joy and truth, My Yehidah leads you through one of the most important adventures you can take: the journey to the center of your very own self. Filled with writing and drawing prompts and beautiful illustrations to color, this book is the perfect jump start for meaningful, creative exploration for people of all ages. My Yehidah is great as a standalone, but for even more fun, explore it alongside the bestselling, award-winning novel, Six Weeks to Yehidah.

Review: My Yehidah is a companion piece to Six Weeks to Yehidah, and it contains activities and questions, that ask readers to think about themselves. Also contained in this work are illustrations that give visual symbols about what some of the terms used are in Six Weeks to Yehidah. So, this review will be more of me answering those questions...well some of them. It not very long and can be read rather quickly, though if you choose to do the activities maybe longer.I think this a great book for self-evaluation, and would recommend to any age. You are your greatest inspiration.

What is Yehidah?
It is defined as unity. It is the wisest, most brilliant, strongest part of you, deep in the center of yourself-the part that always stays the same and never gets confused. When you are certain of what you're thinking and feeling, and when every little thing seems to make sense, you are experiencing your Yehidah.
  1. If you could have an extra power, or if you could make one of your senses stronger, what would you choose? I would choose the power to heal,and to travel through time and space.I would also heighten my mind, thoughts, well my memory actually, so that I can remember all of the things I see when I'm traveling.
  2. If you had only one question to pose to an all-knowing book, what would you ask? What do you think the answer would be? I would want to know what my purpose is in this world? And the answer probably be, you already know.
  3. How do you imagine your ideal world? What does it look like? What are the people like who live there?  My world would be full of color and nature. I love water, dolphins, ducks, mermaids, and butterfly's, lots of COLOR. It's the photographer in me. The people would be such nice creative and crafty people. Anything they could think of would be possible. They could travel the world in 60 seconds(okay, I know that's a bit of a stretch). The people would be Dancers(I love to see people dance) and Singers, artists, photographers and so much more....
  4. Tell me something that you could look at all day and not fell bored. Why do you like looking at it? I could look at the ocean and the stars all day because it's so peaceful and calming.
  5. If you could pass through a portal to another world, where would you go? I would go to Heaven, or to another galaxy but Heaven is where my Grandma is
  6. What can you share that will make the world better? I am a creative person who loves singing, photography, and it's just so many things I'm interested in. I love to bake and sharing that with my family but I think one of my best gifts is being able to motivate others, so that is my contribution to the world.
This is such a fun book! check it out to discover or reaffirm your Yehidah?


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