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Character Interview & Giveaway: Indiana Fire By Neisa Hutson

Author: Hutson, Neisa
Title: Indiana Fire
Publication: December 10,2011
Genre: Young Adult Thriller, Suspense

Book Description
Everyday you look over your shoulder. Every night you lock the door and lay the gun next to your head. Every touch, every breath, and every scar could mean death. Every day you
live in the fear of the Blayz...This is my world as I hide inside the walls, but even here the disease rages on killing us off one by one. The world outside seems so cruel now compared to the one I live in, but good things don't last forever. I hide in fear of the disease, the Black Fire. The burning causes your mind to go insane, then your skin turns black as ashes decaying by the second, and third you turn into a Flaym hoping wishing that someone would kill you, end the pain. I am locked away from this world, until I met the green skinned boy who promised safety within 'Alamo', a place deep within the West Virginia hills. Traveling is dangerous, and the state is far, my chances of making it there are little to none. I can only hope that I will find my place across the ocean. If only I could escape this world where the skin crawls, humans are scarce, and the Blayz fill the streets.

A flash of movement and a screaming end to the Blayz that line the Florida shores. My days of killing are over as the government releases me from my duties. Along with my friend Broc, I travel North to a place once known as New York. I go there not only to flee from the disease, but I go there in hopes of finding my lost love. After years of pain, watching my own brother kill his daughter, and leaving my fiance behind, I am ready to return to the sane. But even there within the walls there is not much comfort. A dead lover and no home. I find comfort in knowing a young man who loved a young girl, who had been long gone from the city. We find peace in an island off the east coast, and it is there that I learn that the Blayz aren't the only things we need to fear. Together we travel to a place called the Alamo. A deadly journey begins to a place known as Indiana where the disease began. This is a place where mutants roam and disease spreads consuming everything dead or alive in it's path.

About the Author
Neisa Hutson currently lives in Farmington, West Virginia. When she’s not reading, she is writing. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her fianc├ę, her family, and of course her dog Tia. In the past she has worked with the local newspaper, but is undecided on which direction to take with her writing career.
She graduated from North Marion High, and even though she is not in college, she is enjoying her time working,reading, and growing as a writer. For the time being she spends her time writing stories, working on her other love, painting and sketching, and blogging about her favorite books. Her first novel, Indiana Fire, 
was written for friends, writers, and fans of zombies alike. 
Her love of Dystopia led her to writing her own novel in hopes 
of making it unique and original.

Interview with Alan, Christine & Cory from Indiana Fire

What did you dream your future would be like before the Fall? How has that changed since then?
Christine: When The Fall took place, I was a very young age. I had child like dreams. My mother and I raised horses, and for most girls that age horses are 'the man' in your life. I dreamed of maybe being a Vet or Horse Trainer. I had always loved animals, and I pictured myself in that dreamlike state. I pictured a farmhouse, maybe Victorian, a husband, two children, and a happily ever after. Now older I understand that those things are not easy to come by, but they at least were in my reach. Now that The Fall has come, none of those dreams are even thought of. Things have changed so much. Even when we moved to the town, we still had to keep on our guard. We still had to work towards living another day. In that kind of world, you don't worry as much about marriage, a future, or being sucessful.

I know you all spent time on the run from the disease and came across many of the diseased people.  Can you tell me what is the difference between the Blayz and the Flaym?
When you contract the disease you become a Flaym. When you are with a group of Flaym, then you refer to it as you are being attacked by a Blayz. It's another word for horde. It is just a larger group of Flaym, because almost literally that small one Flaym become a Blayz.  

Alan, towards the end you are faced with an inexplicable creature in the Children's hospital, what was going through your mind at that moment?
Pure fear and terror. I thought that I had seen horror through that of the Flayms. The disease made people look defected and screwed up as their bodies decayed. This thing  though was nothing like that. For once the monster wasn't decaying. It wasn't easy to kill. That added greatly to my fear, because I was used to the Flaym. I was used to seeing them bones, skin, and dying flesh. But when I saw this creature, I thought this can't be real. Only those types of things happen in stories. Which is funny considering after seeing the Flaym and disease you'd think I wouldn't be surprised. But pure fear was what I first felt. It was the kind that sends you to the crazy house. But the fear for my best friend was even greater. I feared for Broc and Cory's life. I knew that they would have done the same for me. Anger was one of my last feelings. As I walked away from that building, I did feel numb, but I felt a type of anger that would last through the next five years. It was anger and pain that such a creature had done so much.

Alan, you had many "love" interests but who do you really love?
Savannah. She was my heart and soul! If it hadn't have been for The Fall, we would be together now in a little house in town. But life isn't fair, and you have to take what you can get. I really would have given up anything for her. Swallowing the regret of leaving her was the hardest thing to overcome.

Will you ever look for Anastasia, you two seemed to get along well despite the language barrier?
Alan:Even if we didn't get along together in the end, she would always be an amazing friend. She was so interesting, and I loved learning about her culture and her language. She was beautiful, and I have to say one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen! You know what I'm talking about. It's the moment when you meet someone, and it just clicks. It's hard to explain, but I just had this feeling. I connected with her unlike anyone else. I've thought about that actually...I've thought maybe this is my second chance. I'd hate to say that Savannah and I weren't meant to be, and that if it wasn't for The Fall that we'd never be together. I would have never met someone that I could connect with on so many levels. Yes, I would like to find her one day, when I have the chance.

What is your life like now?
Cory: Peaceful...We finally no longer have to worry about the Flaym, whether we'll make it through another day or not.

What do you think will happen next?
Cory: I think America will move on and pick up the pieces. We made it before, and we'll do it again. I think that it will be hard for Alan to move on, but I've seen him in action. He's braver than he thinks he is, but one day he'll see that.

Christine, when did you realize the change in Cory's feelings for you? Willams? How do you feel about this?
Williams wasn't expected. I really didn't have any idea that underneath he really liked me. When he first kissed me, I was in shock, because I hadn't seen it coming. We're both stubborn and strong headed, but I guess that's what made us such a good pair. We were determined, stubborn, but brave. Cory's actually came at even a bigger shock, but in the end I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. I should have noticed the signs, and been more aware. But my mind had been focused on the fears. At the moment, I had been so worried about Sara and her brother that I didn't even think of him. Later, when we were in the Alamo, my mind was distracted by the hauntings. I guess when he finally confessed his love, it felt like a burden falling off of our shoulders. He had been my prince charming so to speak. He was the one after all who had rescued me from The Fall so long ago, when I was still a little girl and naive. He had always been there to protect me, and I guess in the end I'm kind of glad about him loving me. Even when I was on the edge of insanity he was the one there to hold and love me.

Christine, what's it like being green?
I feel like a monster, but at the time I had bigger things on my mind. But every time I looked down at my arm, all I could think about was the reason that I was green. Your skin is a bit thicker or tougher feeling, I feel like an alien though, or like this is my punishment and reminder for what I have done.  
In three words how would you describe yourselves?
Christine:Kind, Stubborn, Disaster
Cory: Protective, Loving, Brave

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