Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: Within by Clare Marshall

Author: Clare C. Marshall
Title: Within
Publication: November 9, 2011 
Publisher: Faery Ink Press
Age: Young Adult
Rating: 3 out 5
Received from: Author 

 Trinity Hartell’s life changed after the accident. Left with irreversible brain damage, she becomes a burden to her mother, a cause for heartbreak for her boyfriend Zack, and a flattened obstacle for her jealous best friend, Ellie.

But then she starts writing. Perhaps it’s a coincidence that the psychotic, murderous protagonist of her novel bears a striking similarity to the charming Wiley Dalton, a mayoral candidate in the upcoming election.

Or, perhaps not… 

This book is not light and fluffy but dark, and suspenseful. It is told in the point of view of everyone surrounding Trinity, though I think it would have been interesting to hear her voice no matter how simple it may or may not have been. I would've have liked to hear the thoughts that drove her to write her story. I'm still trying to figure out how/what caused Trinity to have these psychic episodes, why is she able to tap into that negative energy of the occult. This story is mysterious, and deceptive....not at all what you will expect when the accident happens and Trinity becomes brain damaged. Within is so much more than that. To sum it up it was a good read but the end did not make me happy(no warm and fuzzy here), it was unfair I think.....but you'll have to read to find out why.



  1. Wow- you peeked my interest when you mentioned the end! I think the point of view sounds interesting and the plot is unique. I have added this one to my list!


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