Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Rae of Hope by Wanita May

Author:Wanita May
Title: Rae of Hope
Publisher: Mitchell-Morris Publishing, Inc
Publication: September 5, 2011
Rating: 4 out of 5
Purchase: Amazon | BN
Received From: Author

How hard do you have to shake a family tree to find out the truth about the past?

Fifteen-year-old Rae Kerrigan never questioned her family’s history. That is until she accepted a scholarship to Guilder Boarding School in England. Guilder is an exclusive, gifted school. Rae has no idea what she is getting herself into or that her family’s past is going to come back and taunt her.

She learns she is part of an unparalleled group of individuals who become inked with a unique tattoo (tatu) on their sixteenth birthday. The tatu enables them to have supernatural powers particular to the shape of their ink-art. Both of her parents were inked, though Rae never knew, as they passed away when she was young. Learning about her family's past, her evil father and sacrificial mother, Rae needs to decide if there is a ray of hope in her own life. 

Quote: "Your father's demons will try to tempt you, but don't listen. you're going to be more powerful than your father ever was and that is why he fears you." 

What would you do if you were planted in a new place around people that look at you like you're going to sprout horns, and every where there are whispers at the mention of your name? Rae Kerrigan, is sent to Guilder Boarding School with no explanation from her Uncle, away from the one place she was comfortable just blending in, to a place where she stands out because of her father's past. Now, hoping she can prove the doubters wrong she is still worried that she will be evil like her father when she finally gets her tatu. I really like the concept of this book. The idea that they have this power within them that manifests itself in the form of a tatu not tatoo. The powers that they have range from flying to shape-shifting, and no power is impossible in this world. The storyline paced pretty well considering this is the beginning of the series and we are introduced to Rae's new life through her eyes. I loved all of the characters, especially her roommate Molly who is whirlwind of a character, and Devon, the sweet heartthrob. Rae was real, and as a reader I could understand her frustration and discomfort for being singled out at this school of the super-gifted. She is a strong character that has her own issues to confront, and add to that the weight of her father's bad deeds, she has a tough road ahead of her. Can Rae overcome her father's dark legacy or will the evil that lurks in the shadows stifle the light within? That is to be determined, I look forward to the next installment in the Chronicles of Kerrigan.

This is a story of loss, love, hope, self-confidence, trust and sacrifice.


  1. Thanks for the great review!
    Sincerely, WJ May

  2. Great Review. I added this to my TBR list which thanks to you is ever growing. I will be looking forward to your next awesome review.

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