Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Book Review: Wintergirls

I just finished this book a few days ago and feel that it gives a very vivid and realistic view of what it feels like to have an eating disorder. The main character Lia struggles with being a daughter, sister and friend. But her biggest struggle is with herself, her true self and her real self, basically how she sees herself and how she used to be. There are a number of tragedies in her life that contribute to her downward spiral, such as the death of her best friend, Cassie. I think her relationship with her step-sister Emma shows how the things we do can directly influence and damage those around especially those that look up to you. Lia is truly battling and fighting to survive even though she wants to be zero, nothing, no more. She is haunted by her best friend Cassie but mostly she is haunted by herself and her thoughts. She cuts herself to feel and dull the pain of her life.Does she overcome it all, I suggest you read it and find out.Wintergirls is written by Laurie H. Anderson


  1. Interesting readings Toya...!
    Wow! you have kept your blog going!
    I think i am gonna do the same.
    Thumbs up! you go gal!

  2. I think this one's interesting. I'm going to read this next. :)

  3. A friend recommended this book to me, and I was a little skeptical at first because I prefer a light and contemporary style read, but I think I'll give this book a try!


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