Saturday, September 12, 2009

Coming Soon to a blog near you!!

At the moment I am listening to a book called Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and I must say, so far it is an interesting choice from what I have been reading, no vampires, wizards or fairies, yet. I still trying to figure out what time period its set in, seems a bit futuristic. It is about a young girl, who volunteered for these games, where they choose two kids from each district ranging from 12-18 and force them to fight each other in what is called " the hunger games" till one victor remains. I will say that this book is also a series, book two Catching Fire just came out.I also have begun reading From Binge to Blackout by Chris and Toren Volkmann, it is nonfiction, which I don't usually read, but it's for a class. I do believe however it will be intriguing, and of course I will post comments about what I think about them. Until next time.

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