Friday, September 25, 2009

Book Review:Binge to Blackout

This is a true story told in a two part narrative by Chris and Toren Volkmann. This book discusses Toren’s relationship with alcohol since he was a teen. Toren didn’t believe he had a problem. Toren drank to get drunk other than; he thought what the point was. Drinking to him “was fun, and it made socializing easier, he felt free, life was better with alcohol.” One night after some heavy drinking Toren wakes up to find he has no clue where he is nor what happened between him and the girl lying beside him. When Chris receives the call that her son is in the states being treated for alcoholism instead of in South America with the Peace Corp, she takes it as a blow to her parenting. As the reality of Toren’s addiction sinks in for them, he must decide if he will overcome his addiction or succumb to the call of the bottle.This book has good tips on when to intervene, and even talks about the best time to start the discussing alcohol is as your child is a toddler.

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