Monday, September 21, 2009

Directed Study at WJLD

Today marked day one of searching through all the materials that Bob Friedman has collected over time about the history of black radio. The are a number of photos, correspondence, memorabilia, radio logs, interviews,news clippings, old equipment and the list goes on. The main thing we did today was make a list what was in each folder to gain an idea of what we are working to assist in making the radio station museum a reality. A lot of the photographs we realized need to come out of the folders they are in and be enclosed in more archival materials to preserve them. There are interviews recorded on fragile paper that could easily tear if handled roughly. Basically we have an better idea of what we are dealing with but now we have to figure out how to organize it in a way that the next person that comes after us can pick up and run with it.

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