Monday, September 28, 2009

Directed Study Week 2

Today we got in all the materials we needed to preserve the photographs, and Lydia and I talked a bit about doing a display with the various photos in the collection being there are multitudes of 8 by 10 head shots of a variety of radio personalities, contest giveaways, parties and beauty contests. We discussed maybe talking to Bob Friedman about doing a display of the sheet music in his office, which I have experience doing displays, so it would be very exciting for me. I mentioned to Lydia that we could possibly as one of the places to do displays besides at the Hoole Special Collections Library on campus, is maybe the public library in Tuscaloosa, where I worked previously. This library has two large display cases right up front and one that stands alone, so if we requested time to display anything, if any time was available, we could possibly reserve both displays for an entire month. Or even better see if the local libraries or even the museums in Birmingham would allow us to display some of the collection. I think we have multiple options in this aspect. Also learning to write a grant to help raise money to fund this project would be an excellent experience, maybe we will get the chance.

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