Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heartbreakers Blog Tour Day 5: Author Jenny Kaczorowski

What appeals to you about writing about teen love?
The drama! I remember the first boy I thought I loved. I was 14 and I was all in. He completely broke my heart and it was the absolute end of the world. My teen years were so intense. Everything mattered so much and felt it all so deeply. As an adult, I kind of miss that passion. Writing for teens lets me relive some of that, without losing the experiences and wisdom that have come with getting older.

Describe the Art of Falling in three words.
Identity, longing, kissing. For me, THE ART OF FALLING is about finding who you really are behind the image you project. My two main characters, Bria and Ben, both have these larger-than-life images at their high school and their journey is really about reconciling who they are with how people see them. They both long to be more than their personas, they long for each other, they long for more than high school. And then there’s lots of kissing. This whole story started with two kissing scenes I cut from another story. In my first serious manuscript, the first kiss didn’t happen until about 2/3 into the story. FALLING has a kiss within the first chapter. So yes. Kissing happens.

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