Sunday, February 9, 2014

Heartbreakers Blog Tour Day 1: Author Judith Tewes

About the Author
Judith Tewes resides in small town northern Alberta, where she: writes, sings, plays bass guitar in an all-woman band, walks her three crazy labs, and suspects she's living the life of a superhero's alias*.


Favorite love song?
Brace yourself, it’s an 80s tune, possibly because I fell in love with the music video. Nothing beats, Take Me On, by a-ha. Take a few to check it out. I dare you not to freaking love it:

Why do you think people connect with star-crossed lovers?
Because a love easily won may be just as easily lost. A love worth fighting for, one that puts the lovers at risk – now that might not be taken for granted and may withstand the tests of age and time. Wow – look at me getting all dramatic and lofty…lol… Thanks so much for hosting us!

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  1. Ah! I love that song! On of my favorite bands in high school (MxPx) recorded a cover of it that launch my love if 80s music ;)

  2. I really like Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler


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