Monday, February 10, 2014

Heartbreakers Blog Tour Day 2: Author Laurie J. Edwards

Introduce us to your character Grace and what drives her? She seems fierce.
When the series begins, Grace is helping her father break horses on their ranch. She has to be strong and self-sufficient, but she has a gentle, caring heart. Then outlaws murder her family. As the only one who survives, Grace is determined to see justice done. It means turning into a teenage bounty hunter. She becomes fierce on the outside to hide the pain on the inside, but her softer side comes out when she sees others in need of protection or when she’s around the love of her life – Joe.

What influenced you to set her story in the Wild West? 
I was asked to write this series, and they wanted it set in the Wild West, but I’ve always loved the West. Before he died, my father lived in Arizona, so I spent time out there in the desert. I was drawn to the area. The harsh, but beautiful, landscape is a perfect metaphor for Grace’s life.

Releasing in 2014

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