Thursday, September 9, 2010

Strangest Interview

Okay, so in my previous post I discussed how strange the interview was, in reflection I believe he had no intention of hiring me. Why? because he didn't ask any questions, and basically said I didn't have the qualifications for the job, but since it was being made entry-level expectations were low. When I asked what skills I needed to be successful in the job, he just shrugged his shoulders. I understand that this is new thing he is doing, however all employers have an idea of what they want someone to be able to do. Remember, I said he talked the entire time, so he went on to say that he doesn't discriminate by race, sex, and stuff. However, he preceded to give me an example of how he wasn't racist because he does this competition with these guys who happen to be black. I thought this odd, and so did a few of my friends. Anyway, I didn't get the job but they want to maintain my application for future employment, whatever.


  1. That sounds like a super strange interview! I would be glad I didn't get that job because who would want to work with a person like that?

    I know that it feels like you just need to get a real job and get your foot in the door, but it's also important to work someplace that you are going to be happy. If you don't, your performance will suffer and you'll likely leave before you can do some good and earn enough respect to get good recommendations. I learned my lesson on interviewing for just any job and everyday I thank God for telling me not to take that job, no matter how much it paid. I would have been miserable.

  2. You are so right, I am so glad I didn't either.


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