Thursday, September 9, 2010

Job Hunting Sucks!!

I am still seeking employment as the rejections letters, emails, postcards and phone calls keep coming in. Job outlook to me, not so great. The killing part, loads of library jobs out there...the problem the required qualifications. I have 10+ years of library experience in a variety of library setting, however these jobs are not considered as professional library experience. So, what am I supposed to do, well work two part-time jobs as apparently I'm qualified to do that. If I had known that I would end up back where I started, well worse off than I started I would have just kept my full time and part-time job as a non-librarian. Why? because now I'm working one job that's okay and one that like really people, its not that deep, you don't pay me enough for this. I'm just irritated with all this because I don't want to just go through the same cycle, work, sleep, work, sleep. I want to live life,one excellent paying job and happiness at least some. I want to cease to exist but live.

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