Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to my world!

Hello all, I am a recent graduate of the University of Alabama and welcome you on my endeavor to find a job as a librarian.Currently, I am working two part-time jobs in an academic and public library setting and I am exhausted. I wonder if by the time I do get a job in my profession that I will be completely burned out. I had an interview last Friday for a job working entry-level and the interviewer asked if I was okay working with someone who made 25,000 bucks more than me. I said sure because realistically I have to get my foot in the door somewhere, and I know I'll have to work my butt off to get a chance at other opportunities. So, the interview was interesting in that I didn't have to talk much at all, the Director talked the entire hour and a half. At the close of the interview I was asked questions like my favorite color, what kind of pets do I like, what sport do I like to watch and other things. I thought this was odd but he had his reasons why he asked the questions, he said it was to make sure people were matched with similar personalities. I forgot one of the first questions asked was am I okay working with a Tennessee fan. Hmmm, YES! I need a job, so who you cheer for doesn't matter, though I'm ROLL TIDE all the way. I had more to say in this blog post, however I lost my train of thought from all the screaming children in the library today, as I patiently wait for the ones that need homework help.

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