Thursday, October 15, 2009

Young Adult, that's what I'm reading

I am taking a young adult course and we have to read a lot of literature that is geared towards teens. At the moment I'm reading a bit of Sci-Fi, a book by Garth Nix titled Sabriel. It started off slow for me but it is becoming more interesting, and it deals with a 18 year-old necromancer in a race to save the only family she has left, her father the previous Abhorsen, the title that Sabriel now holds. He may be trapped in Death still alive, so Sabriel hopes. Her journey is marked with dangerous trials and evil monsters determined to kill her, and a cat named Mogget bound to servitude by her family years ago for reasons unknown, and a beautiful stranger Touchstone that she saves from Death returning him to Life. Touchstone has secrets and bond by the same restrictions as Mogget, which Sabriel feels something is wrong, but what? I also finished the graphic novel Tokyo Babylon Volume 1 by the Clamp artistic group, it was hilarious, but they are hard to find and I'm eager to read the rest. At the moment I have an Inter library loan request for the next two volumes, and I'm surprised my Public Library does not have any. OK, so the novel basically is about 16 year-old Subaru Sumeragi, who puts dead souls to rest that have crossed over, see a pattern here, and his twin sister Hokuta Sumeragi whose main purpose seems to play matchmaker with her brother and 25 year-old veterinarian Seishiro Sakurazuka. Seishiro constantly teases and flirts with Subaru, with Hokuta egging him on. The last thing I have to read is a book of short stories called Black Juice, which deals with a variety of things about human nature, including death. When I selected these books to read, I didn't realize they all would be about death, but they are good reads.

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