Monday, October 5, 2009

Directed Study Week 3

Today was a slow day for us at WJLD, so mainly we discussed a possible collection development policy for the museum, to provide focus for the project. I also wrote down a few questions to ask Bob Friedmann, so we can document all the information he knows about black radio, and his vision of what the museum should be. I glad we are doing this project because it gives us valuable hands on experience of the beginnings of a museum archive that we could not get from class alone.


  1. Please give me a little background information on what you have there and what is supposed to be done.Want to hear more for the assignment.

  2. We have pictures,correspondence, calendars, memorabilia, etc.. mainly we are organizing the material to see what is there and creating a finding aid. At the moment we are still going through the materials to get a better idea of what is there.


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