Monday, October 19, 2009

Directed Study Week 5

When my directed study partner Lydia first started talking about unique identifier, and spreadsheets in the beginning of this whole organizing the collection, it all went over my head. However, today once we started working on the meta data, it actually was not as complicated as I intentionally thought. We had a moment where we realized that Mr. Friedmann's desire to have the collection sectioned by radio station just would not work because of how things are all jumbled. So, as a solution we decided to organize by date, which seems to work fine. I found it interesting how each item has a different code, for instance a photograph from the 1930s would be identified as 0001.0002.000001, which the larger the number the more room it allows the collection to grow. Each set of number representing the year, the item type and the number it is in the collection. I have come to the realization that archives is the way for me, but not just any archive, a photography archive.

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