Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sylo by D.J. MacHale

Author: D.J. MacHale
Narrator: Andrew Bates
Title: Sylo
Series: Sylo #1
Publication: 2013
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Length: 10 hrs, 42 mins
Source: Audiobookjukebox

Does Tucker Pierce have what it takes to be a hero when the U.S. military quarantines his island? 

Fourteen-year-old Tucker Pierce prefers to fly under the radar. He’s used to navigating around summer tourists in his hometown on idyllic Pemberwick Island, Maine. He’s content to sit on the sidelines as a backup player on the high school football team. And though his best friend Quinn tells him to “go for it,” he’s too chicken to ask Tori Sleeper on a date. There’s always tomorrow, he figures. Then Pemberwick Island is invaded by a mysterious branch of the U.S. military called SYLO. And sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option for Tucker, because tomorrow may never come.

 It’s up to Tucker, Quinn, and Tori to uncover the truth about the singing aircraft that appears only at night—and the stranger named Feit who’s pushing a red crystal he calls the Ruby that brings unique powers to all who take it. Tucker and his friends must rescue not just Pemberwick Island, but the fate of the world—and all before tomorrow is too late.  #1 New York Times bestselling author D.J. MacHale brings his brilliant plotting and breathless pacing to SYLO, the first in this ultimate end-of-the-world adventure trilogy.

Tucker is the guy that never sticks out because he's afraid to take a leap. He's afraid of failure and rejection, which causes him to not take risks. His friend Quinn seems more adventurous and a little reckless. He is more of a free spirit than Tucker not content to let life pass him by and he tries to pull Tucker out his shell but usually things don't work out. One day things change when one of his teammates collapses on the field from a suspicious ailment and the military shows up to close off the town thinking it will spread to the outside. Tucker wants answers and for once, he's not settling for standing in the shadows. What they uncover makes no sense and many lives will suffer if they don't figure out a way to save them all.

This is the first book in a new series and it's an okay read for boys. As I listened to this I felt more lost than in tune to the story. Bates did a good job of narrating this work and giving the characters' individuality through his tone of voice. He has a good rhythm that keeps pace with the plot. I like the concept but I wasn't able to connect to the story or characters because it was too easy for me to lose focus on what was happening. Overall, I think this is a good book for boys about self-discovery and courage. 

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