Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: Preloved by Shirley Marr

If you had a second chance at love, would you do it all over again?

Amy has enough to deal with for one lifetime. A superstitious Chinese mother. A best friend whose mood changes as dramatically as her hair colour. A reputation for being strange. The last thing she needs is to be haunted by someone only she can see.

Logan is a ghost from the Eighties. He could be dangerous. He's certainly annoying.

He might also be Amy's dream boy.

Favorite Quote:
"Amy, remember that if you get lost in a forest and the ghosts trick you into thinking every direction looks the same-take your undies off, put them over your head and spin around in a circle. Then your path will be clear."

Review:For all her mother's constant warning and superstitions about attracting ghosts, Amy should have thought twice about putting on the necklace that she found. Amy is just content to be a bystander and blend in to her surroundings rather than stand out. True, she may not be popular and is considered the sidekick to her best friend Rebecca Starling but she has a good heart. Amy and Rebecca are completely opposite of each, Rebecca is more self-absorbed and ditzy whereas Amy is more observant of her surroundings but she is unsure of herself. Then enters the ghostly Logan, who makes her see how great she is, though I think it is sort of crazy that she falls for a ghost, how in the world would that work? Well, Logan is not interested in Amy but her bestie Rebecca, whom he believes to be someone from his past. Poor Amy is being haunted, has a mother that constantly tells her crazy warnings about ghosts and she has to compete with Rebecca for the love of a ghost. Not only that everyone is thinking she's gone loony as she is adamant that Logan is there and she is trying to help him and herself understand the connection that they feel towards each other. What she finds out is more than she expected.The plot was good, and I liked how the story unfolded as well as how the pace remained steady, which made this a quick read for me. The characters are great, though my favorite is Amy's mom, who says some truly off the wall things, but they were funny.I would say this story is about family and friendship. Interesting read, I think it is cute.
Author: Shirley Marr 
Title: Preloved
Publisher: Black Dog Books
Publication: April 1, 2012
Audience: 14 and up
Genre: Paranormal Contemporary
Source: Blog Tour with theReadventurer
Rating:4 out 5
Where to Buy: Fishpond


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  1. I would like to know how she deals with falling in love with the ghost. Also, if her mother is crazy then the book has to be great. I love characters who just say off the wall things. I'll have to check it out.


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