Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright

Author: Kenya Wright
Title: Fire Baptized
Publication: January 28, 2012
Publisher:Dragonfairy Press
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 out 5
Source: Author

Since the 1970s humans have forced supernaturals to live in caged cities. Silver brands embedded in their foreheads identify them by species: a full moon for Vampires, a crescent moon for Shifters, a pair of wings for Fairies, and the list goes on, for each supernatural species has been tagged and categorized by humans.
Lanore Vesta is marked with a silver X, the brand of Mixbreeds, second-class citizens shunned by society. She stays to herself, revealing her ability to create fire only during emergencies. All she wants to do is graduate college and stop having to steal to survive. But when she stumbles upon a murder in progress, she catches the attention of a supernatural killer. Now all she wants is to stop finding dead bodies in her apartment.
Enlisting help from her Were-cheetah ex-boyfriend MeShack and a new mysterious friend named Zulu, she is steered through the habitat’s raunchy nightlife. But their presence sometimes proves to be more burden than help, as they fight for her attention.
While the corpses pile up, and the scent of blood fills the air, Lanore is left wondering: will she find the psycho or die trying? 

My Thoughts:
Enjoyable, and intriguing, I really liked this one. I think fantasy novels that incorporate all the paranormal creatures rather than one in particular are very interesting reads.First, let me say the cover is pretty darn cool, and visually captivating. Basically, it got my attention. The story is what held it though, it contains mystery,paranormal fantasy, and romance. I would more than likely categorize this as an adult novel as there are some sexy situations but then again young adult literature lately has some pretty racy moments. Anyhow, back to the book, I love the characters and the plot line flowed well. The character Lanore is a chic that can hold her own, a mixed breed who just so happens to live with her hotter than hot ex-boyfriend, Meshack(who cheated on her by the way) and I think that makes her either brave or a sucker for heartache and temptation. This wouldn't be right if there wasn't another guy in the picture, Zulu, who also wants to lay claim for Lanore's heart. Both of these fellas are super cute, though I'm already leaning towards Meshack and you'll have to read it to understand why, and Zulu has an ability that is just plain creepy. Now, the best part about this story was the murder mystery and trying to figure out which character is sadistic enough to do such horrendous things and boy was  the culprit unexpected. Overall, this book has something constantly happening so I was never bored and kept flipping till the end.



  1. Thanks so much for reading my book!!! Awesome!

  2. This sounds cool! Good review.

  3. Sounds good.And yes, the cover is brilliant.
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  4. I love the cover! From your review, I've definitely gotta read this book! :D

  5. I just recently won a signed copy of this book and finished it 2 nights ago. I can't wait to see what happens next. I can't decide who "oops" no spoilers!! I have never read anything quite like this and I love it. Can't wait to do my review.

  6. This book sounds like an action super-hero motion picture! I think I would enjoy it immensely!

  7. I feel like I read the summary before. Did we talk about this book? It looks really good, and I love a good mystery. As I already told you I'm a sucker for mystery novels- the good and the bad. So, I guess I'll be checking this book out soon!


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