Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tagged Again!

Tag You're It!
Hello everyone, I was tagged by Celise@Incandescent Enchantments to answer a few questions. So, here are  my answers to her questions. Also check out my previous tag here as I tagged fellow bloggers in that one.

Are you a vampire or werewolf kind of person?
Oh, boy ummm it depends is the wolf the guy from Trueblood or the vamp Eric from the same show. I think I am a warm blooded person, so werewolf especially because the idea of being bitten on the neck really doesn't appeal to me(and I'm ticklish).

Do you listen to music when you read?
No, but does when I've studied count...cause if so then yes.

Do you prefer to read outside in the sunshine or at night next to a lit fireplace during a storm?
Outside in the shade.....but the fireplace curled up in a nice comfy chair sounds inviting too.

How did you come up with your blog's name?
Good question, it was a class assignment to create a blog, and at the time I was in Library school and I knew I liked fairies and stuff. So, it popped in my head Little Library Muse and thus she was born. Let there be creativity!

What's your favorite series?
OOOOOOO! so many options, let's see...Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices, Wings series, and the Hunger Games(though there are many more, I like options).

What author would you love to meet?
Hmmmm, Cassandra Clare or Julie Kagawa

What's your favorite genre?
I like paranormal romances with action!

What book do you REALLY want to be a movie(enough that you think you're going to die)?
Well nothing in particular, every book is a my mind

How often are you on your blog? On Facebook? Twitter?
Lately, everyday mostly the blog though and the other two periodically when I need to look at something.

What do you prefer: ebooks, paperbacks/hardbacks, or audiobooks?
I prefer print in paperback and audios cause I must have something to listen to in the car as the repetitiveness of the radio tends to drive me nuts from time to time.


  1. I love this tagging. It's great to find out how the blog got her name. Good to know that you prefer paperbacks maybe one day i will surprise you with one.

  2. I loved finding out so many fun facts about you! I love HP and the Hunger Games series, too. I thought your answer about movies- was brilliant. I have endless movies in my mind, too. Audio books make long drives so much better. :)


  3. Thanks Jess! glad you enjoyed it. :)


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