Saturday, March 24, 2012

Audio Review: Collapse of the Veil by Alison Lohans

Author: Alison Lohans
Narrator: Arielle Lipshaw
Title: Collapse of the Veil
Series:The Passage Through Time #1
Iambik/Bundoran Press
Format:Unabridged Audio CD
Length: 5 hrs:47 mins:23 seconds
Publication: November 9, 2011
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4 out 5
Purchase: Iambik Audio | Audible
About the Book
Collapse of the Veil is the first book of the Passage Through Time series. 

Escaping her home routine for a few hours, 16-year-old Katie grabs her bike and leaves behind her cranky baby, hyperactive brother and struggling single mom. Flopping down in a field to rest, Katie brushes against an enchanted willow and falls into a dying world far in the future. The few survivors cling to their lore - tales of terrible destruction that are about to fall upon Katie's home. 

Time travel, psychic phenomena and human emotion all play key roles in the juncture of these two vastly diverse societies. Katie must set aside the normal goals of a typical teenager and decide if she can be the one to help save her two worlds.

Review: This is an interesting story, my favorite character was the baby Tyler because of how the narrator voiced him. He is such a cute baby and I felt the narrator created a perfect picture of him. It took me a little longer to read/listen to this one as it was my first time listening to an audio on my kindle as I usually listen in the car but it worked out well. Though I like the audio and believe it translated well to audio, for me this would be one that I would have to read to follow what was going on, whenever I got interrupted or had to stop, the flow of the story was lost for me. However, this is just my personal preference for this particular title. The narrator did an excellent job of varying the voices from young to old, male to female, either through the tone of voice or inflection. She makes the story interesting and enjoyable to listen, as she has a pleasant voice. The pace was steady, though at times it was a bit slow. The only thing that was really a problem is when I had my headphones on the sound was perfect but when I took them out to use the speakers on my Kindle, it wasn't loud enough or when I plugged it up to my car the sound was too low, even with the volume up high. This also contributed to me taking longer to listen to this one because the majority of my audio listening is in the car, but alas overall I think this is an interesting story that was short but contained a good amount of story and the ending left me wanting to know what will happen next with Katie, Tyler and the people of the future, who seem to be living like they are in the stone ages. There is one scene where Katie, Tyler and her male friend get time zapped to the future and all the people are looking at the male like a breeding baby machine because they are unable to produce "living seed" and he is perfect to impregnate as many women to save them from extinction. All I could think was that poor boy, because I think they drugged him or something.I like the idea of this book, and it is a great listen about family, survival and self-worth. 


  1. I have never heard of this one before, it sounds really interesting!

    Nice review!!

  2. Thanks for the review, Cricket!
    I agree that Arielle Lipshaw did a fabulous job with the narration.


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