Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Sunday Post #22

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Received from Publisher via Netgalley 
Thanks to Angry Robot

Received from Publisher via Netgalley
Thanks to Disney Book Group
Strong Enough by Ellen Harger ~Tour Except & Giveaway June 23, 2013

A lot is going on in my world, I'm exhausted for one and I have the chance at having a new job in the library world with more responsibility but not much pay. Some of us Librarians have tough decisions because we need the experience and have to sacrifice much to get it. I have been working two jobs for so long and hopefully I will be blessed with an opportunity in the near future that will allow me the chance to live. Don't get me wrong because I am so very thankful to be working but is it wrong to want more after working so hard to get where I am? Anywho, I'm sure you're wondering how I have time to blog, well I don't know...I just do it and believe me some days writing reviews is hard.

Be sure to check out my Blogoversary Celebration! Happy Reading :)


  1. Working two jobs is exhausting and it's not to wring to want time for yourself and to want to see some rewards for your work. Rest up and happy reading!

  2. Blogging is worth it all...Keep it up!

    Here is my post

  3. Working two jobs must be crazy. I'm a nurse and I can't imagine another job. don't forge to take time for yourself! Hope you have a great week and love your new books!
    Britt @ Spare Time book blog
    My IMM:

    1. Thanks Britt! It does get tiring but I know it won't be like this always.

  4. I imagine working to job is so tiring, hopefully everything works out for you soon. :) Happy reading...

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever's Sunday Post

  5. The Weight of Souls sounds interesting. I hope you get the opportunity you want. Everyone deserves a better quality of life! The Sunday Post

    1. Yeah, I thought it sounded cool and thanks Kimba.


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