Friday, May 3, 2013

Of Triton by Anna Banks

Author: Anna Banks
Title: Of Triton
Series: Of Poseidon #2
Publication: May 28, 2013
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Source: Aroundtheworldarctours

Emma has just learned that her mother is a long-lost Poseidon princess, and now struggles with an identity crisis: As a Half-Breed, she’s a freak in the human world and an abomination in the Syrena realm below. Syrena law states that all Half- Breeds should be put to death.

As if that’s not bad enough, her mother’s reappearance among the Syrena turns the two kingdoms—Poseidon and Triton—against one another. Which leaves Emma with a decision to make: Should she comply with Galen’s request to keep herself safe and just hope for the best? Or should she risk it all and reveal herself—and her Gift—to save a people she’s never known?

Of Triton picks up where the previous book left off with Emma's mother Nalia being accused of abandoning her people. Galen has the task of bringing her in to his brother Grom, who believed her dead all this time. Nalia doesn't trust Galen and while he is away retrieving Grom, she takes Emma and runs. While searching for Emma and Nalia progresses things down under get complicated as there are those that think the Royals are corrupt. That they haven't done there duty towards their people and it's time for a change. Torn between saving her mother and the Syrena, Emma must decide to hide or risk death to save the Syrena from destruction.

I really liked this one. The romance between Galen and Emma remains steady, even though there are moments of doubt. Emma seems more uncertain about her mother and herself. She's angry and resentful towards her mother about her relationship with her human father. So, when she's sees how Nalia speaks of Grom, she can't help the bitterness that stems from within. Galen wants what's best for the Syrena but he also wants to find a way to be with Emma and hopes that his brother will see that they belong together regardless of the rules. Rayna is a pest but she's growing on me and she plays an important role in this story as well. Banks has created a very likeable group of characters that it's easy to become engrossed in their journey. There is one jaw-dropping scene that made me very happy and was a little bit of a surprise, though there are subtle hints to it.

This story is loaded with strong-willed characters all fighting for what they love. Banks has crafted a Syrena world on the edge of corruption packed with great action sequences and romance. The writing is good, though the story seems much shorter than the first book, I still enjoyed reading it. The plot moves along at a steady pace, and I liked seeing things from the different viewpoints of the main characters. Overall, this is a good continuation of this fun story.


  1. I really enjoyed the first book and I can't wait to read what happens next!

    - Ellie at The Selkie Reads Stories

  2. I still have not read a mermaid novel. I wonder if I should try this series out?

  3. I like different view points too. Done right, it can add so much more depth to a book. :-)

    Anna from

  4. I really want to read this book. Not so often do you find books about mermaid/human politics!

    Great review!

  5. Great review! I read the first one but I haven't had a chance to read this one yet. :)


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