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Interview:Tabitha Short Author of The Corpses of Old Farm Hill Road: The Arrogant Man

About the Book
She lures them to her farm with her sensual voice and mischievous eyes and they willing go with her every single time. It never fails. This time she’s caught the attention of a man who knows the world was created to serve him. He’s built a life of ease and luxury, but when he’s in the hands of the tiny girl he met online he’ll find he’s not the man he thought he was. Where does all his distain and contempt go when Ms. Alice Roundtree has him strung up in her barn loft? What happens when his handsome face is no longer handsome? Better yet, will he make it to see tomorrow?

The Corpses of Old Farm Hill Road is a series of horror fiction short stories about a mother and daughter serial killer pair. They live on a self-sustaining farm slash winery in the middle of nowhere and find entertainment in leading people to their torture chambers where cell phones lose service, screams can’t be heard and people just disappear. The Arrogant Man is the first in the series, followed by The Lost Soul.

Interview with Tabitha Short Author of The Corpses of Old Farm Hill Road: The Arrogant Man
What intrigues you about this genre?  I am intrigued by horror fiction writing because it requires a working knowledge of the human psyche. I love coming up with new ways to make a reader's jaw drop. Sometimes I stop and think, "Did I really just write that?" I know it's especially good if I make myself queasy while writing it.
What literary character would you like to be your bestie? Luna Lovegood, she's just so weird!
What is your favorite book and/or author of all time? Why? Not fair :D I can't choose just one. I adore old English novels, though.
Have you ever had a character you've written do something that surprised you? Can you tell us what that was? Creating Mathew in The Corpses of Old Farm Hill: The Arrogant Man was fun. He's such a jerk and it creates unease in the reader because they can't decide if they want to be on his side or not.
What is your favorite holiday? Why? My favorite holiday is Halloween because it comes in the fall. I love the fall season. I love the smells, colors and cooler air.
Are there any projects in the works? Yes, I have a number of works in progress. I'm working on the second book in The Corpses of Old Farm Hill Road series. It will be subtitled The Lost Soul. I'm also getting to release a young adult crime book titled Her Sister's Murderer. Mostly I've been working on the ending of Arena Games: Petrova's Legacy, which will be a young adult fantasy fiction novel.
Most loved quote or moment from your book? I just finished writing an inspirational scene where one character is convincing another character to forgive someone. Here it is: 
“Sorry doesn’t stay drunk because it can’t handle the reality, Klara. Sorry isn’t someone who sleeps all day so she doesn’t have to feel anything. Someone who isn’t sorry would have moved past all of that, they would have carried on with their life. Someone who wasn’t sorry wouldn’t be retreating inside herself and isolating herself against the world, Klara. Those aren’t things that someone who wasn’t sorry would do. If there’s one thing Petrova is, it is sorry. And you need to go to her because believe it or not, she needs you right now. She needs you so bad and you can’t even see it. I’ve seen her. She’s dying inside right now and to tell you the truth I don’t even know how she’s alive. Go to her, Klara, go to her, for the gods’ sakes, Klara, go to her.”
If there was a question that you wished an interviewer would ask you,what would be the question and the answer? Of all the things you've written, which story or character are you most partial to? My answer would be: I'm very attached to Arena Games: Petrova's Legacy. Both Petrova and Klara are my favorite.

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  1. My boyfriend loves horror fiction. I can barely handle scary movies, but I'll pass this book onto him.


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