Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review: Reaper by K.D. McEntire

Author: K.D. McEntire
Title: Reaper
Series: Lightbringer #2
Publication: August 24, 2012 
Publisher: PYR
Genre: Paranormal 
Pages: 341
Source: Publisher

Reaper is set in a world a breath away from our own. After the death of her mother, Wendy is attempting to fill her mother's shoes and discovering that the prospect is far more difficult than she ever imagined. Learning that she is part of a powerful and ancient family of Reapers that her mother had forsaken is just the first surprise—Wendy soon discovers that the San Francisco Bay Never is filled with political powers and factions both previously unknown and completely mysterious to Wendy. Since both her mother and Piotr are gone, Wendy must struggle to maneuver between the machinations of the dead and the dark intentions of her living Reaper family.
Eventually betrayed and made sick unto death, the clock is ticking before Wendy will fall—she has only a matter of days to unravel the mysteries her mother left behind and to convince her wary family to accept her as one of their own.

Thoughts: After defeating the White Lady, who happened to be her mother, Wendy finds herself in the middle of a power struggle between the dead and her new found Reaper family. She thinks that her family is trying to help control her abilities but once they learn she is a natural, they try to bind her powers which could potentially kill her. With so many enemies coming at her from all sides, Wendy has no idea where to turn before death comes knocking at her door.

Piotr is really weird in this one. He becomes more aggressive and angry, though circumstances do lead to his change in attitude. I liked that the author gave more details into his history as a Rider and why he seems to be attracted to Lightbringers. Wendy struggles more in this book, she seems more uncertain of what she should do and it doesn't help that so many people are pulling her in different directions. She comes off as less focused and more scattered, I don't really feel like she got anything accomplished. Basically, this book was more Piotr to me. Of course, Wendy does have the task of locating her best friend, Eddie's spirit but every time she attempts to focus on that, something gets in the way. 

The writing is balanced and well written. The characters have levels...they have more going on with them that has been revealed. I would like for Wendy to "ask the right questions" and not let the shadow of her mother make her confidence in her abilities falter. The author has created a great world in this series. I like how she gives such vivid detail of the Never, so much so that I could visualize it in my mind. Though not my favorite in the series it's still a good story about ghosts, and I think anyone interested in ghosts will like it. 

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  1. I didn't know the second book had been released. I need to just sit down and read...for real.


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