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Update: Giveaway & Review: 2:32 A.M. by Emily Ford

Author: Emily Ford
Title: 2:32 AM
Publication: February 8, 2012
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc
Rating:3 out of 5
Source: Tour via Netgalley

Thoughts:What would you do if one night, while you were asleep, you were suddenly awakened by a strange man sitting at your bedside? Freak out! Well this is exactly what happens to Cat Townsend, a year before her 18th birthday, she learns that this man, Finnegan, has chosen her as his successor, so that he may move on to the afterlife. Cat appears skeptical at first and questions everything, a lot and quite repetitively. She is young and in love with her sweet heart Todd, but this secret she has to keep wears on her relationship, which is already strained from the pending separation as her boyfriend is leaving for football camp in the summer. Though she loves Todd, she can't help feeling drawn this mysterious boy in dreams that she just knows deep down is real and suddenly she comes face to face with him, a gorgeous stud named Rolf. Cat learns that he is a part of the destiny that Finnegan told her about. She attempts to fight the chemistry she feels for Rolf, but becomes difficult to resist. Struggling to find the balance between love and destiny, Cat must not only decide to embrace the task given to her but also choose between these two boys. Will it be Todd or Rolf?

This book was an okay read for me. It started off a little slow but towards the middle it picked up a tad. The characters are alright, I think I connected to Finnegan and Rolf more than I did Cat or Todd. I found Todd to be too intense because it seems he was putting a tremendous amount of pressure on Cat to have sex with him and this is partially why I'm a Rolf fan. Why Rolf? He has waited for her for 17 years and if she asked him to do so, he seems like the type to honor her wish of waiting until she is ready. Now this is a clean read and no sex goes down. There is action, romance and magic in this one, so if you are looking for a change from the usual, check this out.

A Chat with Cat Townsend
What did you dream your future would be like before the magic? How do you feel about the changes in your life?
That’s easy!  Like all my friends, I pictured myself going to College somewhere, and majoring in Psychology.  I’m not sure I knew exactly where that would lead, but I’ve always known I would work with kids.  But now with magic I’m a little unsure of my future. 
Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do you feel that it should happen gradually over time?
Me?  I’m a firm believer in love at first sight.  After all, I fell in love with Todd when I was, I think, six maybe.  And even though we moved apart for a time, the second I saw him again, whoa, there it was all over again.  I guess when it’s right, it’s right.  I’m a big believer in fate.
Is there anyone special in your life right now? Tell us about him?
Haha, you’re kidding right?  I’m totally in love with Rolf!!  But, I’ll never get over Todd.  That may not be completely over either…
What is your biggest fear?
That’s a toss up.  I’m afraid of magic, my future, the unknown, my shadow….
My life scares me right now.
Favorite color? candy? holiday? hideout?
Yellow.  Candy Corn.  Halloween.  The Tennis Court.
Did you believe in magic?
No!  No one does. Magic only exists in fairy tales, right?
You are granted three wishes, what do you wish for?
That, I can’t tell you.  The first thing Finnegan taught me about magic was how private a thing it is. Only when you use it does it become public.  

Click here to read an Excerpt from 2:32 A.M.

Debut novelist Emily Ford has always been a storyteller. As a kid at summer camp in Maine, she’d make up ghost stories at bedtime for her fellow bunkmates.

Her Djinn Master’s Legacy trilogy also began as a simple bedtime story, intended for Ford’s then adolescent children to have in writing and use to tell their own kids one day. By the time she finished writing, she had three very full books.

2:32 a.m., Ford’s first installment of her young adult series, caught early readers’ attention as a fiction book minus the typical vampire and werewolf characters.

The Texas writer interned each summer with KHOU-TV in Houston while gaining her bachelor’s degree in radio and television at The University of Arizona. She worked on the copy desk at The Dallas Morning News, and eventually started the marketing company KapsMark, Inc.


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