Monday, October 17, 2011

Illegal by Bettina Restrepo

A promise.
A promise that we would be together on my fifteenth birthday . . .
Instead, Nora is on a desperate journey far away from home. When her father leaves their beloved Mexico in search of work, Nora stays behind. She fights to make sense of her loss while living in poverty—waiting for her father's return and a better day. When the letters and money stop coming, Nora decides that she and her mother must look for him in Texas. After a frightening experience crossing the border, the two are all alone in a strange place. Now, Nora must find the strength to survive while aching for small comforts: friends, a new school, and her precious Quinceanera.
Bettina Restrepo's gripping, deeply hopeful debut novel captures the challenges of one girl's unique yet universal immigrant experience.

This book made me sad, it was good but heart- wrenching.I think the sadness was heightened for me because of the new immigration law that was passed earlier this year in the state of Alabama and is now being fought by the government and others. I've seen articles in the paper about Latinos moving back to their countries or other states and removing their children from schools for fear of deportation. This book made me see their perspective and how hard it is for them to leave everything for the hope of a better future in America only to not " count as people here" as the main characters Nora mother said in the book. Some people may take offense to this but there is always some fact to fiction. Anyway, this book will make you think about how you treat people. Nora is a well rounded and strong character, with lots of spirit.I may have something more to say later but I will end with this quote from the book, "God doesn't care about your status. He wants you to have faith." 

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


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  2. Thanks so much about to check it out right now.


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