Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Discussion of the Privileges by Jonathan Dee

I lead my first book discussion today, YAY!!! We read The Privileges by Jonathan Dee. I opened by saying, " I think this book is okay, so I gave it three stars." and one of the ladies sort of laughed and pointed around the table to each of the others saying, " What did you give it?" They all said one star to half a star. They are very opinionated ladies and I had a good time listening to them talk, as I was the youngest person in the room but that was alright.I think my biggest task was keeping them focused on the talking about the book, however we had a great discussion. Overall, we felt the book was boring and left you wanting because it didn't seem to be any consequences for the characters. They had money and the indulged themselves because of it. It was hard to get too emotionally involved with the characters, and left us with this question... what was the point of the book? I do not know honestly and I would not have picked this book up on my own. The book itself was told form the perspective of four people, the Moreys family and at times it was difficult to keep up with what was going on because the dialogue keep bouncing from all the characters views. I realize giving it three stars means I liked it so, I changed it to two stars for how I really felt.

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