Thursday, March 3, 2011

Book Review:Delirium by Lauren Oliver

If I have not love, I am nothing.....Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13 

Love: a single word, a wispy thing, a word no bigger or longer than an edge. That's what it is: and edge;  a razor. It draws up through the center of your life, cutting everything in two. Before and after. The rest of the world falls away on either side.
Before and after-and during, a moment no bigger or longer than an edge.
In ninety-five days Lena will be cured of amor deliria nervosa. She is not afraid. She will not resist. Lena is ready. Alex has a secret that could turn her world upside down, and cause her to question everything she believes is real. Will Lena succumb to the disease or race for the cure?

 I have read other books where the people are being controlled by a corrupt government and this is the first I have read that looks at love as something disdainful. I did not like the ending because it left me hanging..In this society the people think they are cured from love/emotion however they just seem so indifferent to everything, even children getting hurt. Yet, they still have emotion but it's just violent and misguided.Some reviewers were dissatisfied with the book, however I think it has potential as an interesting series, and I am curious to see how the characters grow. I would give this book to teens interested something different than the fairy/angel/vampire books.

My rating 3.8 out of 5 stars 



  1. great riview..i like it,,you make me cant wait to read..

  2. I read this book sometime last year, and I liked that it was different from all the vampire, werewolves, fairy books I had been reading at the time, plus the idea of love being viewed as a disease was really intriguing to me. I agree with you that the ending wasn't satisfying. I'm going to read this again before I read Pandemonium, which I've heard better things about that book than Delirium. :)

  3. I read this last year and loved it. It was interesting to read a novel not about the same old thing. It was such a new and interesting idea. It may have the same uprising, rebellious conflict of all dystopians, but what I like was the true issue. How Oliver decided to portray love as a disease. I loved the first and second book and am dying to get my hands on Requiem when it hits shelves next year! Great review :)

  4. +JMJ+

    I'm not too happy to read that the ending can leave one hanging. =S Yes, I know it's a series, but I think each book in a series should leave a reader with some closure even while hinting that the story has a while to go.

    What you write about the emotion in this book reminds me of The Giver by Lois Lowry--except that there is more violence here.

    Thanks for the review!


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