Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Review:Angelfire

 My fingers squeezed the cool, familiar helves as the scents of silver and old blood flooded my heightened senses.The swords felt right in my grasp, like hugging an old friend.The monster began to circle me, growling low and releasing an unearthly hiss. Its eyes were bottomless pits of blackness set deep into its deformed, terrible skull. I stared right back into those eyes without fear or hesitation.I moved with the creature so that it was never at my back, and in a voice that did not seem my own I challenged the beast: “Come for me.”

Plagued with nightmares of monsters and death, Ellie finds herself face to face with Will, who claims that he has been her Guardian for five-hundred years and that she is the Preliator, the only one keeping the balance in favor of good and away from the evil determined to bring on the next Apocalypse. Together they must stop the reapers before they find the key to destroying Eliie, forever.

I am on the fence about this book, I am unable to decide if liked or disliked it. This series has the potential to be really intriguing, and it is nice to see more female leads that are strong. Ellie is still growing as a character, so she has not completely reached her strength yet and I look forward to seeing how she develops. Will, her guardian and love interest, sometimes put me in the mind of Edward from the Twilight series. I also thought that some of the male characters are just creepy. The most compelling thing about this book was the action scenes, and the creativity that Moulton put into creating such kick-ass sequences was incredible. I could have done without a few things, such as Will repeatedly saying, "I'm your Guardian" and such. However, overall this book would appeal more to the teen audience.

My Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars 

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