Sunday, January 16, 2011

E-read or not e-read?

I am contemplating buying an e-reader, because some books I want to read are only available electronically. Also, right now may be a good time to buy since newer models such as the Nook color and the iPad have come out, prices for the older versions may be lower. I have tried the Kindle once, it was okay.....BUT it's not the same as having a book. I love the feel of the paper on my fingers and that new book smell. I know that an e-reader when traveling will be great to carry around, but I would have to purchase the books. I read on CNET gadget blog that the Nook color has pretty good memory as well an the expandable memory but the battery life is not great. The Amazon Kindle review was good, the device can hold up to 3,500 e-books, Wi-Fi capable, which is extremely cool. However, according to the CNET review, the Kindle does not have an expandable memory. I still don't know which one to buy, price is a factor, and if its pretty. Also, memory and battery life are a factor.

I like being able to go to the library and check out materials and then bring them back free of charge. My library does have downloadable audio books, but not regular books and I'm not aware of any public libraries' that allow you to check out books electronically. I'm curious to find out how libraries are handling this situation. Believe I think that people will still value print even though electronic books are more readily available. My question is how much value will print have in the near future?

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