Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review: The Moon Coin

Author: Richard Due
Illustrator: Carolyn Arcabascio
Publisher:Gibbering Gnome Press, A Division of Ingenious Inventions Run Amok, Ink
Publication: August 25, 2011
File Size: 1780 KB
Age: Middle Grade and up
Received from: Author for honest review
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For Lily and Jasper Winter, the Moon Realm began with a single secret bedtime tale. As the children grew older, Uncle Ebb enthralled them with thrilling tales of the Dragondain riding horse-sized, catlike Rinn; mysterious tales of peerin-wielding lunamancers manipulating the magic that lies just beneath the surface of reality; exciting tales of flying dragons, swimming merfolk, stomping giants, and troublesome faeries. But as the magic of their childhood faded, so too did the tales. Eventually, they were just . . . good stories.
Or were they?
Now, nine years after it all began, Uncle Ebb is missing.
Lily and Jasper search for clues, but their uncle's mansion is full of distractions. A Tesla generator thrums in the basement. Prismatic electrimals flit around walls resembling underwater reefs. Then a most unexpected friend comes to their aid, leading them to a hidden room where they find a mysterious coin—the moon coin. Before the night is out, Lily is transported to the real Moon Realm. But the moons are in trouble. The Rinn of Barreth are under siege, and the lunamancers of Dain are beset by the very dragons they once loved. Most horrifying of all, the moon Darwyth has fallen to a villain named Wrengfoul, whose creeping evil now threatens to overshadow all the Realm.
Are Lily and Jasper too late to save the Moon Realm, or will they have enough time to write an ending of their own?
Featuring twenty-two stunning full-color illustrations by Carolyn Arcabascio. Volume One of the young adult fantasy adventure series The Moon Realm.

I absolutely loved this book! I read it about a week ago, I just wanted to marinate on it for a moment, not a bad thing.The characters, the story line and being that I'm a visual person, the illustrations which are so beautifully done. So, great job to the illustrator for capturing the essence of the authors work. Sometimes it is nice to read something other than vampires and werewolves, this story kind of puts me in the mind of C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter, not sure why just yet, well yes I am sure because these are characters that you can fall in love with and you want to know how the journey will end for them. I love that Lily is adventurous, and she has a witty sense of humor to boot and that Jasper is practical, cautious and smart(there is always one sibling like this) What the book does contain is gigantic lions, dragons, and a very scary Curse attached to a sword that is draining away at the person that possesses it. Due weaves an intricate tale of mystery, other worlds and stories(tales). I found the plot to be well developed and the setup for the next book was hilarious, lets send brother dear on a trip shall we....It opens with Uncle Ebb telling them stories when they were younger and the journey begins for at least one of them(Lily) when they find the necklace that Ebb used to wear on a mannequin and they know that something has happened but not sure what. Lily, ever the artist decides that she must sketch this necklace only to wake up in one of the very realms that her Uncle used to tell them about. Lily doesn't know what's real and begins to question, who is Uncle Ebb? Hopefully, we will have a little bit more Jasper in the second book as this was primarily about Lily and her journey to the Moon Realm. I recommend this to anyone that wants something different to read, especially Harry Potter fans, you may like this.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to give this review, it is my honest, and book information was received from the author.

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